Leadership Awards

The LEADER Awards are the online lead generation industry’s first and only independent award program designed to acknowledge outstanding lead generation and lead technology companies. By identifying these top companies, we at the LeadsCouncil hope to make it easier for our members to find trusted partners.

The LEADER Awards are presented by the LeadsCouncil. The purpose of the awards is two-fold:

  1. To acknowledge the superior work of leading online lead generators, aggregators and lead technology companies
  2. To make it easier for organizations that buy online leads or have a need for lead technology services to understand which partners might best suit their needs

The annual award categories include:

  • Best Third-party Lead Generator
  • Best Marketing Agency
  • Best Call Center
  • Best Compliance Company
  • Best Third-party Lead Enrichment Data Provider
  • Most Valuable Technology
  • Most Innovative Company

Award winners are voted on from each category per industry vertical. In select cases, there will be 2nd and 3rd place award. A complete list of LEADER Award winners is available exclusively to our LeadsCouncil members though their member log-in.